LTM's Galaxy of Stars Patrons

Galaxy of Stars Patrons receive LTM's quarterly newsletter, The Intermission Buzz, and invitations to special theatre events, including the Annual Board of Governors meeting and Bi-Annual Volunteer Appreciation Party. MegaStar & SuperStar Patrons will receive invitations to special performance nights throughout the season. For more information, please click HERE or scroll below.


Thank you to all the generous individuals, groups and businesses whose names appear below. Each chose to support Live Theatre Magic at LTM with a donation since August 1, 2011. If you see an error on this list, please contact us at (717) 766-0535.

MegaStars ($1,000 and above)

Carol Baer

SuperStars ($500 - $999)


Dr. Fred and Mrs. Dianne Sanders

Jackie Goodwin


ShootingStars ($250 - $499)



RisingStars ($125 - $249)


Mr. & Mrs. Brian Cagle

Ted & Gail Foor

James Hayney

Stephen Jahn

Gregory Ricketts

Jerry Sanders

Ernest M. Josef & Stephanie Trdenic

WishingStars ($25 - $124)


J. Ackerman

Dick Anliot

Grace Arke

Duane Baker

Lorraine Barringer

Howard Bernd

Marjorie Bicknell

Doris Billett

Barbara Blank

Diane Brokenshire

Jim & Joan Boytim

Linda Louise Bush

Brian & Carol Cohen

Margaret Finnegan

Marsha Fortney

Jane Frymark

Gary & Jean Getz

Karin Getz

Bob & Lynn Haar

Mary Haar

Nicholas & Ellen Hughes

Trudy Hursen

G. Michael & Karen Kostelac

George & Janice Lance

David McIntosh

Elizabeth McIntosh

Jay Miffoluf

Tom Moore

Paul Morcom

Jeff & Cathy Nell

Jim and Shirley Nelson

Carol Peterman

Kathryn Pospishil

Ira & Lillian Rappaport

James Roof

Mickey Shapiro

Andrea & Walter Shirk

Charles & Ann Mae Smith

Margie Spahr

Jo Ann Speaker

J.L. Stine

Joanne Stine & Margie Sentiway

Marie & Thomas Thompson

Barbara Kelley & Nina Vacante

Cece Viti

R. E. Wallick

Kathy Williams

Jim & Mimi Weakland

Linda McLinden in memory of Thomas Bush



TwinklingStars ($10 - $24)


Daphin Bowman

Christine Buker

Linda Draper

Lynn Fry

Jane Frymark

John & Jean George

Melva Gohn

Heather Janetta

James & Colleen Mirando

Elaine Rainy

Meredith Snook

Kathie Spacht




LTM’s Galaxy of Stars---Be part of LTM Live Theatre Magic!


Become a “star” in our 61th Season - - - an LTM Star that is!

When you purchase your Season Subscription, include a tax-deductible donation to LTM and we will list your name in our GALAXY OF STARS program and website listings throughout the 2011-12 Season. Your contribution is tax-deductible under IRS regulation 501(c)3. Your generous “role” as a Star is greatly appreciated!
$1000 and above
$500 - $999
$250 - $499
$125 - $249
$25 - $124
$10 - $24