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by Agatha Christie

Directed by Duane Baker
Verdict is a 1958 play by the award winning Agatha Christie, a British mystery writer. Unlike many of her other plays, Verdict is an original play not based on a story or novel, and it is more of a melodrama than a typical ‘whodunit.'

The play tells the story of Karl Hendryk, a brilliant professor, who, with his invalid wife and cousin, have fled persecution in their country. The cousin, whose role is caregiver to the wife and manager of the home, and the professor have suppressed feelings for each other. When a rich young student arrives for private lessons with Karl, the plot twists and thickens.
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Three Viewings

by Jeffery Hatcher

Directed by Chris Krahulec
This engaging play is three shows in one - all set in a Midwestern funeral parlor. Through laughter, longing and surprise, three stories interweave and reveal the lengths people go to in order to hold onto memories, love…and money. Playwright, Jeffrey Hatcher, has created three complex characters with wonderful dialog and rich storylines with a twist. Emil is a mild mannered undertaker with an unspoken passion that must be proclaimed before it’s too late. Mac is a drifter who makes a living stealing jewelry from the deceased. And Virginia is the widow of a wheeler-dealer contractor who’s left her in the lurch – and in debt with everyone, including the mob…

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There Goes the Bride

by John Chapman & Ray Cooney

Directed by Bob Casey
The London Daily Mirror describes There Goes the Bride as “A fiendishly clever farce that gets madder and funnier as it goes along. . . Has pace, precision and wit.” Ray Cooney and John Chapman have created a really funny play about a young girl’s forthcoming marriage.

Harassed advertising executive, Timothy Westerby, hits his head the morning of his daughter’s wedding. He meets Polly Perkins, a 1920s flapper straight from his advertising campaign, whom no-one else can see or hear. Another bump transports him to the Savoy and the wedding day descends into chaos as friends and family try to lead him back to reality.
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Clue: The Musical

by Barry Weinberg

Directed by Dustin LeBlanc
Welcome to Boddy Manor! You are now entering the Parker Brothers board game, Clue in the contemporary, interactive, musical, Clue: The Musical. Just as each Clue game may have a different conclusion, each production night of Clue: The Musical will have a different conclusion as well. Without leaving your seat, you are a player in the game.

The Chicago Sun described the show as “Has guts ...along with its intrigue, ‘colorful’ suspects and deadly weapons.” The audience and the hard-nosed female detective work together to determine who killed Mr. Boddy, in what room and with what weapon. All of your favorite suspects will be there! Comic antics, witty lyrics and a beguiling score carry the investigation through the solution and finale.
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Hairspray, JR.

by Barry Weinberg

Directed by Alice Kirkland
The theater for young people show this season will be Hairspray, JR. Interested youth will participate in workshops leading to auditions for this fun musical. This 60 minute version of this family friendly big and bold musical set in 1962 features spunky plus sized Tracy Turnblad with a dream to dance on the Corny Collins Show.

Hairspray, JR is filled with a host of parts for a cross-section of young people and is a show that will celebrate students’ diversity as well as their talent. Watch for further information on this project!
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