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Our 66th Season continues...

Plaza Suite

Three separate stories concerning relationship issues are presented, each largely taking place in suite 719 of the Plaza Hotel in New York City. In story one, suburban New Yorkers Sam and Karen Nash are spending the night in the hotel as their house is being painted, but more importantly for Karen because it is their twenty-"something" wedding anniversary, the hotel where they spent their honeymoon.

In story two, womanizing Hollywood movie producer Jesse Kiplinger, has exactly two hours free during his whirlwind stay in New York, which he wants to fill with a quickie.

And in story number three, there are a roomful of people in the Baroque Room of the hotel for the wedding and reception of Borden Eisler and Mimsey Hubley, the event which is being paid for by Mimsey's penny-pinching father, Roy Hubley.

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