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Our 66th Season continues...

The Impossible Years

Jonathan Kingsley, a university psychiatrist who specializes in problems of adolescence, is shocked to learn that his 17-year-old daughter, Linda, has been arrested for picketing on campus. Fearing that the incident will cost him an important appointment, he decides to put an end to his daughter's slovenly ways. He blames the boy next door for many of her problems and suggests that she enlarge her circle of friends. When she follows his advice and invites new friends to the house, the noise makes it impossible for Jonathan to work on his book.

Reluctantly, he agrees to let Linda go to Catalina Island with friends for a weekend. When she returns from the trip, Linda has become a sophisticated young lady. Although she finally confesses to her parents that she has secretly married, she refuses to divulge her husband's identity for fear that her parents will have the marriage annulled. Jonathan calls together several of Linda's boyfriends, and the hysterical Linda runs away, pursued by her father on a motorcycle. The chase ends on campus when Jonathan is dumped at the feet of the school board,which has just appointed him head of the new psychiatric clinic. Linda's husband is revealed to be Jonathan's colleague, Richard Merrick, and all seems to be ending happily, until Linda's younger sister runs into the house ... with a new boyfriend following her.
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